Cryotherapy in Woodstock

Revolutionize your treatment with true cryostimulation. Our Woodstock chiropractor utilizes the world's best localized cryostimulation. It is unique in its ability to rapidly deliver localized ice and compression. Utilizing carbon dioxide at -78 degrees and 50 bar pressure. The tissue is cooled to 4 degrees Celsius in under 30 seconds causing thermal shock. The construction of vessels and muscles slow the blood flow and forces the immune and hormonal systems to respond Immediately, the blood vessels dilate to around four times their usual size. This floods the area with blood, which is rich in oxygen, hormones, nutrients, and activated enzymes.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Pain Relief - In reaction to the extreme cold, hormones including adrenaline and B-Endorphines are released, which are powerful natural pain killers. This provides immediate pain relief.

Reduces Systemic Inflammation - Stimulates immediate improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Promotes the reduction of hematomas, edemas, and swelling.

Muscle Relaxation - Reduced systemic inflammation reduces muscle tension, which increases the range of movement and allows faster rehabilitation.

Feel Good Factor - Encourages a favorable biological response to the cold stress. This has been linked to improved levels of well-being.

Cryotherapy is for everyone

  • Cryo Body-Sculpting - Lose inches in a single treatment. Fat cells continue to reduce in size weeks after treatment.
  • Cryo-Facials (Frotox) - Tight loose skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Cryo Energy Boost - Boost Energy levels and improve mood.
  • Psoriasis & Eczema - Reduce the signs and symptoms of skin conditions.
  • Massage Treatments - Muscles are loosened and easier to manipulate

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